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    Every building requires a solid foundation regardless of the purpose you intend for it to serve. The architectural integrity of the entire structure depends on the strength of the foundation. A poorly laid foundation is a catastrophe waiting to happen. At Florida Concrete Construction, we are determined to prevent that from happening. That is why our workers are only specialists who have in-depth knowledge of the craft and can design reliable foundations. With us, you have nothing to worry about, regardless of the purpose your foundation is made to serve. We have the skills and machinery to execute it.

    We pay very close attention to detail, from marking the datum point to pouring the footing. As professionals, we know that building a foundation is very delicate work, and the smallest misstep is potentially disastrous in the long run. We also have a deep understanding of soil types, and that guides our decision on the type of foundation that is most suitable for your project. We don’t stop there, but factor in other external elements such as pipes and tree roots because these can sabotage your building in the future. That is why our team is made up of only the best hands that know how to navigate such hang-ups and still provide sturdy foundations. We strive to deliver perfection, and that is why we get it right the first time. Our dedication is unparalleled. 

    Our services also include repair and replacement of foundations. Your foundation needs to be repaired once your home starts to show symptoms such as cracked walls, sloping floors, cracked tiles or, saggy beams, among others. Foundation repairs should never be ignored because they save long term costs that will be incurred in foundation replacement. Foundation replacement becomes necessary when the whole or a substantial part of the foundation is faulty and needs to be overhauled. We have the skills and machinery required to make this happen seamlessly.

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