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Concrete Slabs for Residential and Commercial Projects

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    Slabs of all sizes

    Concrete Slab is a multi-purpose medium used for exterior and interior design in residential and commercial concrete construction. They can be used to create driveways, patios and can be stamped for additional appeal. If you want a driveway or patio that incorporates grass, a concrete slab is a right fit for you. They are also used in commercial construction to create floors and ceilings. In preparing concrete slabs for commercial purposes, we take care to create a durable material that is reliable and will not compromise your structural integrity. The integrity of our work is important, that is why we never cut corners. We ensure that all ingredients of our slab are used in adequate proportion, no more no less. We use the proper machines to ensure that you get excellent execution, and value for your money. In commercial construction, safety concerns weigh heavily on our minds, and that is why our slabs are accurately reinforced for durability and strength.

    We also provide repair and replacement services. When your concrete starts to fail you, you need a professional to advise you on the proper course of action. Sometimes, a simple repair is the answer, but other times, a replacement is the only cure. We will guide you through the appropriate choice for you and ensure that after fixing your concrete, its integrity will be restored. If your concrete slab was badly installed or spalled, it will need to be replaced, but if it is simply delaminated, a repair will be adequate. Our concrete slab installation, repair, and replacement services are available to residents of Jacksonville, Orlando, Port St. Lucie, St. Petersburg, and Tampa.

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