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    Patios are an elegant addition to a house and can make an otherwise simple home look sophisticated. If you’re inclined towards an ambient look for your home, a distinct, or cozy look, a patio is a great way to do it. At Florida Concrete Construction Company, we exert our creative juices to make the most delectable patios for you. We will maximize your current space to create beautiful and artistic masterpieces at competitive prices. We use a combination of stamped concrete, concrete slabs, and a variation of techniques in our execution so, you can rest assured that your patio will be nothing short of breath-taking. Our focus is on ensuring that you are satisfied with our service, so your interests are paramount to us. 

    Concrete can be easily sculpted to reflect different architectural styles, and this is a feature that we exploit to create complex designs. The result is a mixture of traditional and modern architectural styles beautifully entangled in one patio design.

    We are not limited to the installation of patios, but we also repair existing patios that need a facelift. Concrete, although versatile is degradable material, and will eventually succumb to natural forces therefore, proper maintenance is important to get the most out of your property. The moment your patio begins to show signs of tear, contact us for repairs. We advise against procrastination because when the damage worsens, a replacement (which is more expensive) may be required instead of simple repair service.

    If you are also considering renovating or restyling your patio, we are the right fit for you. It is irrelevant that you’re a new or returning client, our dedication to service is unflinching. Feel free to contact us for an estimate. We are available to talk you through options and designs for your property.

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